About us



France Objets Trouvés reunites Owners with their lost property, by connecting them with the Finder or Lost Property Offices. Both benefit from a shared nationwide database that collects listings from all parties involved.


The service is composed of two platforms:




A collaborative platform (www.franceobjetstrouves.fr) on which individuals create Lost or Found listings that potentially match one another. Our advanced matching algorithm allows users to search our entire nationwide database with confidence.


A software suite (SaaS) for Lost Property Offices from local governments or organisations that manage significant number of users or visitors, and therefore lost and found property. France Objets Trouvés allows them to address their end users with a client-oriented platform and to manage found property efficiently. More information on www.franceobjetstrouves.com.






Lost Property desk, where Lost is Found!



France Objets Trouvés is a registered trademark of KUPOFTEA.