Shipping terms and conditions

ARTICLE 20 – Shipping


20.1 Support restriction

Before using this service, please ensure that the item you wish to have shipped to you is not subject to restrictions in the destination country.
In general, the following cannot be covered:
- all goods covered by national and international regulations on dangerous products such as, but not limited to, ammunition, gases, flammable, radioactive, toxic, infectious or corrosive materials, as well as all objects which, by their nature or their packaging, may present a danger to driving or handling personnel, the environment, the safety of transport vehicles, or damage other packages transported, vehicles or third parties ;
- jewellery, timepieces, precious stones and metals, coins, currencies, banknotes, financial or transferable securities, securities or means of payment, debt securities or trade bills, gift vouchers, telephone cards or equivalent, as well as in general any paper document or other medium allowing payment to be made that is fungible and/or subject to the legality of the transport of funds;
- animals or living or dead beings, plants, goods under controlled temperature, perishable products or foodstuffs, biological or blood samples, organs, as well as any product subject to excise duties under suspension of duties;

- firearms, weapons of war or collector's weapons, loaded or unloaded, narcotics, psychotropic drugs, works of art, works of art, antiques, publications or audiovisual media prohibited by any applicable law or regulation ;

- responses to calls for tenders, pre-qualification files in the context of awarding contracts, application files and copies of examinations.

Internationally, items subject to the above restrictions cannot be accepted, as well as furs and other items not permitted for import into the country of destination.
In the event that the User entrusts the shipment of objects covered by the above restrictions, these will travel at his sole risk and without liability for Atlantis. The User will therefore bear any consequences related to the non-observance of these restrictions and will be held liable for damages caused to third parties and/or to Atlantis.

20.2 Obligation of the User

- Content : the User is held responsible for any damage that a package subject to the above restrictions could cause to third parties and/or Atlantis and for any consequences linked to the non-observance of these restrictions.
- Mandatory information : The User is responsible for the information given on the transport slip, in particular those relating to the name and first name in the case of a natural person, the company name in the case of a legal person, but also the geographical address of the recipient and the telephone number and/or email address. These mandatory information which must be precise, exact and complete to allow distribution under normal conditions.
- Customs formalities: The user is required to present all documents necessary for the execution of customs formalities in accordance with the applicable regulations, and to provide his EORI number if necessary. The user is the customs declarant. He will be required to pay the costs incurred by Atlantis in the event of an insincere declaration and those incurred by the recipient in the absence of payment by the latter. Atlantis cannot be held responsible for acts or omissions attributable to the User or to the Customs service. The user alone bears all the financial consequences resulting from erroneous, incomplete, inapplicable or late declarations or documents, or from any breach of regulations, in particular customs, which may entail for Atlantis, liquidation of rights,


20.3 Right to inspect

In the context of customs or security inspections, the User accepts that the carrier, in its capacity as authorized agent or any governmental authority, including customs, is entitled to open and inspect the parcels entrusted, at any time, without the exercise of this right calling into question the fact that the User remains solely responsible for the reality of his declarations.
In accordance with the regulations relating to air transport security, the User is informed that all packages loaded on aircraft are likely to undergo security inspections which may include the use of X-rays.
If after suspending the shipment for security or control reasons, Atlantis fails within a reasonable time to obtain the User's instructions and/or the documents necessary to resume the shipment, it shall be entitled to destroy the parcel or to dispose of it, without its liability being sought.
With regard to international shipments, the User guarantees that he will not request a shipment from Atlantis, in the event that the User or any third party concerned by the shipment is subject to restriction measures, or placed under embargo by an international organization (UN, EU, US, etc.). As such, the User acknowledges that he is not on the "Specially Designated Nationals List" (SDN) issued by the OFAC (US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control), and that he will not request shipment parcels to Atlantis destined for people on this list.
Failing this, Atlantis reserves the right to (i) suspend or interrupt the delivery, (ii) send the competent authorities all the information required and apply the procedures required by them, including the destruction of the packages at the expense of the User, without the responsibility of Atlantis being sought.


20.4 Liability


20.4.1 Loss/Damage

Atlantis cannot be held liable in the event of loss or material damage caused to the object found during transport or non-delivery. If the package is lost by the carrier, Atlantis will make every effort with the carrier to ensure that compensation is awarded to the customer without this being guaranteed.


20.4.2 Delay

Atlantis will not be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of the package.


20.4.3 Compensable damage

Atlantis cannot be held liable for immaterial or indirect damage, whatever the cause.


20.4.4 Insurance of the goods transported

The User may insure the contents of his parcel by paying the corresponding premium.
The insured value automatically replaces the contractual liability limit for loss and damage.
It does not cover immaterial damage, damage resulting from delay and indirect damage (such as loss of market, profit, loss of enjoyment, etc.).
The insurance does not cover the goods and documents subject to restrictions on coverage, the fault of the User or the recipient, the defect of the thing, the insufficiency of packaging, acts of terrorism, civil unrest, riots, circumstances of war, as well as any nuclear damage.


20.5 Price

The service is invoiced according to the destination zone, the type of service ordered and the weight of the parcel according to the price list in force on the day of deposit.


The average cost of a shipment is calculated according to the following parameters:
Shipping cost = Packaging cost + Transport cost + Delivery cost + Security premium + fuel surcharge

The cost associated with handling is not taken into account in this calculation because it is carried out by our partners who integrate this into their service strategy.

Carrier price lists are available online:

We must add the paid recovery of packages for Colissimo (annual subscription rate) and day-to-day management for all carriers.

On the Colissimo site, the 20% VAT is not applicable following derogations (The scope of the Universal Service is designated in decree no. 2007-29 of January 5, 2007). We have to apply it on every shipment.

On carrier sites, security and fuel premiums are not applied. We have to pay them to carriers:
    • Variable depending on security charges (currently €0.80), and fuel surcharges (Road Fuel Surcharge: 17.90% currently, Air Fuel Surcharge: 28.25% currently)
    • Costs updated each year (increasing)

To this must be added the price of the packaging material made available to our partners:
    • 3 types of boxes are made available to our partners for shipments
    • Bubble envelopes, tape; bubble wrap, shipping pouch
    • Immobilization of stock over 3 months
    • Management of supplies and deliveries
    • Management of service providers


Finally, we ensure the management of deliverability:

    • Management of labels for return parcels received by the customer (delivery price not invoiced to the customer)
    • Surcharge on empty rounds (€7 excluding VAT not invoiced to the customer)
    • Reissue of shipment (delivery price not invoiced to the customer)
    • Additional handling costs (€6 excluding VAT not invoiced to the customer)
    • Supplement for difficult-to-access areas (€5 excluding VAT not invoiced to the customer)
    • Management of insured products (reimbursement, administrative (not invoiced to the customer) )
    • Return sender processing (€8 excl. VAT not invoiced to the customer)
    • Non-compliant label management (€2 excl. VAT not invoiced to the customer)
    • Incomplete ad supplement (€0.90 excl. VAT not invoiced to the customer)
    • Management of documents for international customs (variable not invoiced to the customer)
    • Management of international air freight subject to restrictions, in particular on batteries
    • Volumetric weight supplement (variable not invoiced to the customer)
    • Additional after-sales service processing (16 euros excl. VAT not invoiced to the customer)
    • Remote International Zone supplement (€9 excl. VAT not invoiced to the customer)
    • Customs Zone C2 supplement (5 € excl . VAT not invoiced to the customer

    ) deliveries throughout our network.

Management of shipping customer service and interactions with users.


20.6 Carrier

Atlantis has entered into shipping contracts with the companies Chronopost and Colissimo. The general conditions of our partners are applicable only for the sections not covered by these CGVs.


20.7 Customs

The following sites can be consulted to ensure the eligibility of the product: : French customs site sale : Colissimo General Terms and Conditions : Chronopost General Terms and Conditions