Terms of publication and processing of reviews

ARTICLE 21 –  Terms of publication and processing of online reviews


These Terms and Conditions for the Publication and Processing of Online Reviews (hereinafter the "Terms") establish the rules applicable to all reviews posted by a user (hereinafter the "User") on the franceobjetstrouves.fr website (ci -after the “Site”) relating to the services offered by the company Atlantis (hereinafter the “Service”).




1. Collection and processing of online reviews


The User is informed that the Atlantis company collects and processes online reviews.


In the same way, the User is informed that by issuing an opinion, he acknowledges having read the General Conditions of Use of the “franceobjetstrouves.fr” sites and accepts them without reservation in their entirety.


2. Definition and media of online reviews


The opinions published by the Users on the Site represent their only opinions, opinions or comments and in no way those of the company Atlantis, its affiliated companies or employees.


Reviews posted on the Site may take the form of text messages and star ratings.

An average of the opinions collected will also appear on the Site in the form of a “star” rating.


Once a notice has been published, it may be distributed on any digital or paper media, both on the Site and on all media produced by Atlantis using the content of the Site.


The User agrees to show restraint and caution in expressing the opinions he wishes to disseminate on the Site.


Any User may ask Atlantis customer service to delete the notices he has published on the Site by sending an e-mail via the "Contact" section.


3. Regulation of online reviews


 a) Compliance with laws and regulations


The User undertakes not to publish content on the Site that is contrary to the laws and regulations in force. In particular, it is prohibited:


disseminating information contrary to public order or morality;


to divert the purpose of the Site to carry out propaganda or proselytism, prospecting or solicitation;

to publish information of a commercial or advertising nature or constituting propaganda in favor of tobacco, alcohol, or any other regulated substance, product or service;


to use the services offered under conditions likely to disrupt the free communication of other Users or to transmit content constituting or inciting the commission of acts punishable by law;


to disseminate content that contravenes the personality rights of third parties or that is defamatory, degrading, abusive, obscene, pornographic, offensive, violent or inciting discrimination, political, racist, xenophobic, sexist or homophobic violence;


to publish information contravening the legislation on the protection of personal data allowing the identification of natural persons without their consent, in particular their surname, postal and/or electronic address, telephone, photograph, sound or audiovisual recording;


infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties, including removing or erasing any copyright or trademark notices, as well as any restrictive legends;


to fraudulently access the Site.


The User undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations in force and to only use content for which he has the necessary rights for their distribution, for which the holder of the rights has given his express consent for their distribution or which are free of any rights. By "rights", it is understood in particular the rights relating to personality, copyright, trademark law and more generally all intellectual property rights.


b) Moderation rules for online reviews (publication or rejection)


The User acknowledges in all circumstances that the company Atlantis will check the content of the opinions submitted in order to decide whether or not to put them online.


Atlantis thus informs Users that moderation is implemented to control the opinions posted on the Site that appear contrary to laws and regulations or to these moderation rules.


In addition to the requirements provided for in a) above and the reasons for rejection mentioned in the General Conditions of Use of the Atlantis site and/or, reserve the right to reject in particular all opinions:


containing personal information (telephone numbers, email or email addresses, full name, etc.);

which are not related to the Service itself or its characteristics.


containing a hypertext link redirecting Users to another website or another part of the Site when the evaluation (overall rating and performance ratings) does not make it possible to get an idea of ​​the Internet user's opinion;


presenting a clear inconsistency between the comment and the evaluation (overall score and performance scores).


containing defamatory or insulting content.

No changes to reviews will be made by Atlantis. Atlantis reserves the right not to publish on the Site any notices contrary to this article.


In case of refusal of publication of a notice, Atlantis will inform its author of the reasons for the rejection. For this purpose, an email will be sent to the email address used by the User when filing his opinion.


c) Assumptions for the exclusion of a User


Failure to comply with this article may result in the non-publication/withdrawal of the disputed notice by Atlantis and/or the temporary or permanent closure of the User's account, notwithstanding any other legal action and/or damages. that the Atlantis company would be entitled to claim from him.





The User is informed that in accordance with the General Conditions of Use of the franceobjetstrouves site, his opinion will be anonymized within twelve months after its issue.





1. Destination of notices


Opinions published on the Site may be used by Atlantis on all of their digital or paper media.


2. Classification of reviews


Reviews are listed in chronological order, from newest to oldest.




Atlantis does not provide any compensation for the opinions left by Users on the Site.




Atlantis undertakes to make its best efforts to ensure that Users have access to the Site at all times. However, Atlantis cannot be held responsible in the event of unavailability of the Site, for any reason whatsoever.


In addition, the User is informed of the risks inherent in the Internet, particularly with regard to the lack of security in the transmission of data. Under no circumstances can Atlantis be held liable for these risks and their harmful consequences, whatever the extent for the User.


Atlantis may modify the content of the proposed Site at its discretion without its liability being incurred for any reason whatsoever.


It is up to each User to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data, software and hardware from contamination by viruses or other forms of attacks possibly circulating through the Site or the information published.


The User cannot claim any difficulty in accessing the Site to access the information infringing these Terms.

The opinions published cannot be considered as reflecting the opinions of the editorial staff of the Site but engage their sole author.


In particular, Atlantis cannot be held responsible for any contact between Users or between a User and a third party, whoever it may be.


The Site cannot be used by a User in conditions likely to disrupt the free communication of other Users or to transmit content constituting or inciting the commission of acts punishable by law.


Whatever means of control it may have implemented, it is understood that due to the volume of information published, Atlantis is not subject to a general obligation to monitor the information it stores, nor to a general obligation to seek facts or circumstances revealing illicit activities, nor to an obligation of guarantee concerning the accuracy, probity or honesty of the information published by the Users.


Under no circumstances may Atlantis be held liable for the activities or information stored at the request of a User if Atlantis was not effectively aware of their illicit nature or of facts and circumstances giving rise to this character or if , from the moment he became aware of it, he acted promptly to remove this data or to make access to it impossible.


The User is fully responsible for the opinions he publishes on the Site.





The personal data collected during the use of the Site is processed in accordance with the principles of protection of personal data. These principles are set out in the Atlantis Company Privacy Policy. This charter explains the methods of processing and protection by Atlantis of the personal information of the Users of the Site.




For any information or question relating to the use of the Site and/or the application of these Terms, Atlantis customer service is available to Users by clicking on the "Contact" section.




Atlantis may modify the terms of these Terms at any time. These modifications commit the User as soon as they are put online. It is therefore recommended that the User regularly consult said Terms and Conditions in order to be aware of their new conditions.




Non-compliance by the User, regardless of his location, with any of the provisions of these Terms and more generally any difficulty concerning their execution, interpretation or validity, is subject to French law and the courts of Grenoble.