Date Category Place
P-G008276 17/01/2022 School bags and backpacks Amiens
P-G003276 14/01/2022 Wallets and purses Béthune
P-F994729 08/01/2022 Cuddly and plush toys Lille
P-F983359 05/01/2022 Necklace Amiens
P-F991957 02/01/2022 Laptop Valenciennes
T-F970565 30/12/2021 Bracelets and wrist jewels Lille
T-F964252 28/12/2021 Non registered item Lille
P-F961124 25/12/2021 Rings Lille
P-F957417 24/12/2021 Luggages Béthune
T-F976123 23/12/2021 Rings Seclin
P-F947391 19/12/2021 Wallets and purses Lille
P-F944142 18/12/2021 Rings Hénin-Beaumont