Date Category Place
P-G005598 14/01/2022 Wallets and purses Rennes
P-F997426 11/01/2022 Rings Vannes
P-F978357 04/01/2022 Mobilephones Saint-Brieuc
P-F988028 01/01/2022 Wallets and purses Pleudihen-sur-Rance
P-F982027 01/01/2022 Bicycles Vannes
P-F976549 31/12/2021 Keys and keyrings Carnac
P-F974116 31/12/2021 Keys and keyrings Carnac
P-F990237 31/12/2021 Keys and keyrings Carnac
P-F969287 30/12/2021 Cuddly and plush toys Carnac
P-F968290 29/12/2021 Identification (ID, license…) Lorient
P-F980651 29/12/2021 Cameras Plougonvelin
P-F961515 27/12/2021 Mobilephones Brignogan-Plage
P-F959815 23/12/2021 Keys and keyrings Rennes
P-F948550 19/12/2021 Identification (ID, license…) Carnac
P-F976346 19/12/2021 Glasses Carnac